The Pain of Traditional Networking

Picture the scene. You’re at a networking event. It’s time for each attendee to stand up and introduce himself. The first person stands up and says, “Hi. I’m John with Acme Financial. We offer life insurance, IRAs and tax planning that helps your retirement dream come true. We provide the best service because we care.

“That’s our biggest value and we put our clients first and we give the best service in the industry. Nobody does it better.”

How do you feel about that introduction? 

Ever heard somebody say that, or something similar?

Of course, you have. It sounds like almost every financial professional who’s stood up in a networking event. This is a pet peeve of mine. As soon as people start to list their products or services, I mentally check out. When they tell me how superior their service is, I want to run from the room.

What’s Missing From the Typical Networking Message?

I don’t write this because I feel superior. I realize that because of what I do for a living, I’m more sensitive to it. But, when somebody is taking my time, they need to tell me one thing in particular:

How can you make my life better?

That’s all I need to know.

For years, I made this mistake. By the way, I was a Certified Financial Planner at the time.  I gave boring presentations at networking events. And I got poor results. 

One day, one of my mentors pointed out that there’s a better way – assuming that I want people at these events to hire me.

A Proven Networking Message – in Just 13 Seconds  Networking Tip - How Make a Positive Impact in 13 Seconds

How do you present an effective networking message in 13 seconds? Read mine, and then you’ll see a quick overview of the format I use. There’s a proven formula you can utilize that will get you better results.

Here’s my 13-second introduction…..

I help entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managers who struggle when they have to present to a group. I give them a proven process that enables them to present with confidence, impact, and influence every time they speak.

That’s it.

Why Does This Work?

Let’s deconstruct this formula. It’s two sentences. In the first, you introduce the specific type of person you help. For me, it’s entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managers.

Then, discuss a common problem they deal with. For my clients, it’s the struggle they face whenever they have to stand up before a group and give a presentation.

In the second sentence, I tell the benefit I provide. For mine, it’s a process that enables them to present with confidence, impact, and influence. And they can do this every time they speak.

That’s all I need to say. The most common mistake people make with their networking introduction is that they treat it like a business card. Or worse, a website.

What People Want – And Don’t Want – To Hear When They Meet You

If you take nothing else from this post, remember this:

People whom you’ve just met don’t care about everything you do. They want to know how you can reduce their (or their network’s) stress, struggle or strife.

How you do your work is not important when you first meet. If others are intrigued by the solution you can provide, they’ll ask you how — later.

The purpose of your networking message should be this: To get people interested in talking to you. It’s not to sell your product or service on the spot. That’s not going to happen. This is about creating interest and setting time to talk in more detail if there is mutual benefit.

Again, here’s the formula:

  1. Whom do you work with?
  2. What is a common problem those individuals face?
  3. What specific benefit do you provide to them?

Use this format. It works. Your networking experiences will become more enjoyable. And you’ll start to experience better results.

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