“I know I’m over time, but I’ve got two more points I want to make.   ~ A common speaking refrain

I was sitting in a room with about 100 other people. The speakers were sharing updates on various activities within our city. The final speaker was clearly over his allotted time when he said, “I know I’m over time, but I’ve got two more points I want to make.”

I’m a professional speaker and speech coach, so I immediately felt annoyed. I looked around the room, and heard the typical response to this type of statement – nervous laughter. The kind of laugh people give when they want to be polite, but they are secretly irritated.

We live in an era when people put a greater premium on their time than ever before. Respecting that precious commodity isn’t just courteous — it’s crucial if you want to be heard AND invited back to speak.

The Ideal Speaking Event

Think about an event you’ve attended in which every speaker stuck to their allotted time. I get it, it’s rare! But, if you think hard, you’ve experienced this at least once or twice.

When this does happen, isn’t there a seamless flow of ideas and engagement? Audiences stay focused, gain valuable insights, and enjoy the experience. They pick up useful information and feel respected. The event is successful because every message is heard and people walk away feeling enriched.

The Sad Reality

But, the reality is that most meetings don’t unfold this way. Speakers, driven by passion or lack of preparation, frequently overrun their designated time. This disrupts schedules; it disrespects the audience’s time; it disregards other speakers on the agenda.

When speakers ignore their allotted time, they risk losing audience attention, diluting their message’s impact, and tarnishing their professional reputation.

The Solution Is Clear

Prepare your presentation. Don’t go off the cuff. Stick to your allotted speaking time.

Remember this:

No audience ever gets upset with speakers who finish under their allotted time. They WILL get annoyed, or even pissed off, if you abuse their time and dominate the event.

This approach requires disciplined practice, including dry runs with a timer to ensure that you are concise and on-time.

When you prepare and stay in your time frame, you demonstrate respect for your audience and fellow presenters. You elevate your credibility and influence, and ensure that your message resonates long after you speak.

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