Are you willing to move?

Are you willing to move to a new place that will help you overcome current obstacles and set you up for a higher level of success?

If so, the time is now.

The type of move I’m talking about is not the traditional change of physical address or house.

What I’m referring to is moving out of your comfort zone in order to achieve the deep and unfulfilled desire which nags at you every day.

I’ve studied successful people for almost 4 decades and of the many similarities they have, this one stands out more than any other,

Successful individuals are willing to consistently take new actions in areas where they are uncomfortable and unfamiliar.

One of the biggest challenges to living a prosperous life is challenging yourself not to get too comfortable when you reach certain levels of success.

The entrepreneur who starts a business from scratch, endures the early years of struggle, and eventually builds a nine or 10-figure company is susceptible to falling prey to the trap of thinking, “I’ve made it, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

How can this be a trap, especially when these individuals have given up so much time to create high levels of accomplishment?

The answer boils down to one common human desire….

The need to feel significant, and the thought that you matter.

If you spend much of your life working hard for any worthwhile goal, accomplish it, and then stop doing significant work, you’re at risk of feeling you no longer matter and your life no longer has significance.

This is true of any human being, not just those that build billion-dollar companies.

Where Successful People Live

People who consistently live successful lives don’t stay in their comfort zones. Once they’ve achieved one goal, they’re on to others. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny Elon Musk frequently puts himself in situations where he could suffer major losses, both financially and in reputation.

He’s willing to do this because he knows each trip into the unknown will be challenging and frustrating, but eventually push him to new ways of thinking and developing new strategies and approaches that will make his and our world better.

Even if he “fails” he will learn from the experience and come back stronger than ever in his next attempt, no matter which zone of discomfort he will be in.

My challenge for you (and myself) in 2022 is to get comfortable being uncomfortable. Find those new places to live which will help you uncover more of your authenticity, your genius, and your ability to achieve at an even higher level.

Would you like to save time, frustration, and energy which other people have expended to succeed in their businesses?

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