Here’s another cool way to give insight into your character:

Describe how that person is introduced into your story.

You could open your story talking about a company president who is sitting in her high back chair. She’s dressed in a blouse and jeans. The room is quiet. She’s turned facing her big picture window. She’s lost in thought, thinking about the important meeting she’s about to walk into.

Consider what she’s wearing, the quiet nature of the scene, and that she’s deep in thought.

What insights do these give you about her?

What do you know about her personality?

Contrast that with the 17-year-old teenage boy. He walks into a party dressed in loud pink or lavender-colored suit. He walks in with an entourage of people and says, “I’m here. Let’s get the party started!”

What do these tell you about his personality?

He’s dressed in bright clothes, he’s got an entourage and he’s loud.

He let everyone know he is here.

Provide details about how your characters into a scene. This is another excellent technique. It helps you avoid giving a lot of unnecessary backstory. Give us three details about how this person enters the scene.

This provides your audience with insight into this individual’s personality.


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