Have you ever been on a phone call that dragged on and on, seemingly without end?

Of course you have. They’re usually uneventful and you move on with your day.

One day, this kind of call gave me valuable insight into my deepest passion.

Insights From A Bookshelf

It’s 2013. I’m a certified financial planner. I’m on a phone call with a salesman. In a word, he’s… rambling. I’m… bored.

As often happens with this kind of phone calls, my mind begins to wander. I’m looking around my office and my eyes stop when I see my bookcase. I think, “I wonder how many books are on there?”



“I’ve read every one.”

That’s when it hits me. “There are 52 books in my bookcase. Two are about financial planning. 50 of them are about public speaking and storytelling.

For years, I’d been wrestling with the idea of leaving financial planning. I loved the idea of being a full-time speaker, but I wasn’t sure if it was the right move.

My bookcase told me all I needed to know. I was more interested in the topics of speaking and storytelling than money.

That insight inspired me to create a plan. I’d transition from a financial planning practice to a speaking and coaching business. I planned for a three year period.

As often happens in these situations, life threw me obstacles. The transition took six years, but, in 2018, I made a complete break. I committed full time to my new venture.

There the inevitable ups-and-downs of a new business. Throw in a worldwide pandemic & shutdown. Then add a gut-wrenching recession. It’s been quite a ride.

But there isn’t one regret.

It was the right decision then, and it’s even more so now. I’m doing what I’m meant to do.

But that decision might never have been made if not for a boring phone call. That led my mind to wander and see my deepest desires from a fresh perspective — on my bookshelf.

You or someone close to you may be struggling with a decision – what should I do with my life.

Take the personality tests. Take the career tests. They can give you important insights.

But don’t overlook what may be the most valuable insight into where your heart lies…

The books you’re reading or listening to – in your kindle library, your audio books or your bookshelf.

The answer may be right in front of you.

One Skill to Help You Become a More Impactful and Influential Speaker and Leader

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