A Race is Won By Teams, Not Individuals

What most people aren’t aware of is that auto racing is a team sport. Obviously, you have the driver. Speaking Lessons From the Indy 500But,there’s also a team owner. A team manager. And, engineers, strategists, track spotters, and pit crew members.

Razor-Thin Margin of Victory

Each team member has a specific job to ensure that his driver’s car is the first one across the finish line. At Indianapolis, the margin of victory is sometimes measured in tenths or hundredths of a second. After 500 grueling miles, this years winner, Takuma Sato, won by 0.201 seconds.
Every one of his teammates had to do his job. One misaligned wheel during a tire change. Holding the fuel nozzle a split second too long during a pit stop. Waiting a second too long to convey useful information to the driver. Any of these would’ve caused him to finish second, or worse.
Such is the world of high-speed auto racing.

What does this have to do with speaking?

A lot.
World class speakers and presenters do not work alone. They have a team of people that help them prepare and deliver the best possible talks.
Several people may be involved with improving your speaking skills. You may have someone to help with speech structure. Another to tighten up your stories. And still another to offer input on your delivery.
Each of these can make the difference between a successful or unsuccessful presentation.

Real World Application

Every day, people all over the world are giving speeches and sales talks. Their goal is to win contracts, attract new clients, or influence others. In these situations, the clock is often ticking, and they may be in competition with others.
A team that can help you focus on the details of your talk can make the difference. They can be the key between losing and winning the proposal or business.
Winning could boil down to asking the right questions.
Or, pausing long enough so that the listener can consider the implication of your point.
Or, crafting dialogue in your stories to create a deeper emotional connection.

You Don’t Have to Drive Fast to Succeed

Just like in the Indianapolis 500, each of these seemingly minor points can add up. They can be the difference between winning and finishing second.
Unlike Indianapolis, you don’t have to drive 225 + MPH to win the business. All you have to do is work with your team, trust their judgement, and you can craft a winning presentation.


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