Remember this phrase, “A message is a mess with age.” 

When starting to create your foundational phrase, don’t attempt to make it perfect in the beginning. Get ideas out of your head and on to paper (or a spreadsheet). 

A good starting point for creating your foundational phrase is with the number of words. Ideally, your phrase will be fewer than 10 words. However, in the beginning of this process, don’t shoot for that 10 because this is a process that takes several iterations. 

Get ideas out of your head. For example, for my speech Sell More With Stories, the original foundational phrase was:

Create and develop a meaningful and memorable story and deliver it in an authentic style so people will remember it long after you speak. 

That’s a little more than 10 words.

You’re not going to remember that. You’re not supposed to. It was my starting point. I kept whittling and chiseling at it until I got it down to those four words, Sell More With Stories.

 Eventually, strive for fewer than 10 words. But in the beginning, get it out of your head and on paper, then work on chiseling it down to your memorable foundational phrase.


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