In our last post, you read about the importance of bad days to help you succeed. (If you missed the post, CLICK HERE to read it)

The occasional off-day can be frustrating. But, what do you do when you have a series of tough days and it feels like they’ll never end?

How do you manage your emotions to get through those longer term negative stretches?

It’s vital to be grounded in your main reason for doing what you do. The author Simon Sinek popularized this concept with one phrase, “Start With Why.”

When you have a clear reason for engaging in any activity, it will help you push through the inevitable tough times. It also serves as a compass that helps you make decisions and ultimately leads you to a fulfilling and successful outcome.

Here are additional reasons:

1. Fuel that Ignites Resilience

When you have a clear understanding of your “Big Reason” it ignites your resilience. It helps you see the bigger picture and stay committed to your end goals, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges.

 2. Improved Decision-Making

Clarity of purpose enables you to make well-informed decisions. If you have to take an action, determine if it’s in-line with your Big Reason. 

It acts as a filter to help you prioritize actions and allocate resources more effectively. It also determines which actions you should avoid. This allows you to stay on track.

 3. Improved Mental and Emotional Well-being

Having a strong sense of purpose is closely linked to improved mental and emotional well-being. Working with a foundational reason makes you more likely to experience greater satisfaction, happiness, and overall fulfillment.

A clear sense of purpose acts as an anchor in the storms of life, providing you with a sense of stability and reassurance when times are tough.

4. Increased Productivity and Success

A strong Big Reason makes you more likely to invest time and effort into activities that align with your end goal. This alignment leads to increased productivity and, ultimately, greater success.

When you’re driven by purpose, you are more passionate about your work and you enjoy each step of the experience.

5. A Lasting Legacy

Knowing your Big Reason extends beyond individual achievement. It can inspire others and leave a lasting impact on those around you. When you are driven by a strong sense of purpose, you become a role model for others to follow, shaping the world in a positive and meaningful way

Knowing and embracing your Big Reason will help you develop resilience, make better decisions, improve your well-being, increase productivity, and leave a lasting legacy.

Take the time to reflect on your Big Reason and let it be the guiding light that propels you through life’s challenges and towards your dreams.

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