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Why do we tell business stories?

Audiences give me various answers to this question:

• Build credibility

• Earn trust

• Entertain

• Be vulnerable

There are many others, but the one reason that has resonated most with me is:

“The purpose of your story is to give others hope.”

Every time you have the privilege to speak to a group, there’s a problem. The people sitting in front of you are wearing masks.

Not the pandemic style masks we each had to wear.

This one is invisible.

It’s the emotional mask.

People sitting before you are often hiding behind a smile and “I’m doing fine!” But, they may be in pain — financial, career, relationship, health, physical, or some other type.

There’s one feeling they may need more than any other:


They might need a reminder that there’s hope they’ll overcome the financial challenges. That they’ll get their career on track. That the relationship problem is temporary.

Each of us is often too close to our problems we can’t see beyond the present.

We Need A Shot!

In those times, what we need is a shot of dopamine.

Dopamine is well known for providing pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.

A side-benefit feelings is that you can also experience hope about the future.

This is how your story can give them a boost and see past their current obstacles.

The Power Of Your Story

A story about facing struggles, strife or setback and succeeding gives a vision of what’s possible.

It let’s people know they’re not alone — others have felt the way they now feel, and there is a roadmap to a better way.

There are many benefits to business storytelling. If you want to have the most impact, know where your audience is struggling and what they need.

When you know that, you can structure your story in a way that provides a shot of dopamine and gives them hope.

In our next post, we’ll close out the loop on the Brain CODE. You’ll read about how to motivate your listener to take action.


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