Empathy can increase your influence, trustworthiness, and likability. It can increase you impact as a leader or sales professional. It can also help you deepen relationships, which can have a profound impact on your career or your business.

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Here are key ideas from the video:

0:28 – The difference between empathy and sympathy:

Sympathy is more feeling based, you tend to feel sorrow or pity for others.

Empathy is the demonstration on understanding and compassion for others.

1:47 – How do you improve your empathy?

Ask questions and “label” the feelings and ideas the other shares with you

2:42 – How to be a more effective listener

Ask specific questions based on the responses you hear

4:13 – When it’s OK to mis-label a person’s emotions or feelings

It’s always OK. People tend to enjoy correcting others and helping clarify misunderstandings.

5:25 – The pronoun-hack that increases your impact and influence

“You”- focused statements are always preferable to “me” or “I” – focused statements.

6:22 – Books referenced in this video:

Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss

The Moral Molecule by Paul Zak


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