How “Weeding” Enhances Your Impact

Think about the most impactful messages you’ve heard. Were they couched in long, drawn-out presentations?

Or were they delivered in a clear and concise manner?

They were short and to-the-point.

The ideal presentation is clear, short, and has one single message that can benefit the audience. If you achieve this, then listeners will follow through on your call-to-action.

But most presentations are neither short nor concise.These messages are typically “lost in the weeds.” Creating a clear and concise talk is like clearing brush and weeds in an overgrown flower garden. If we don’t lose the unnecessary verbiage, then our message is covered up.

When you craft your next presentation, start with everything that’s in your head and get it out on paper or an electronic device.

Much like clearing weeds will reveal the best parts of your garden, pruning excess words will reveal your core message. Replace that verbiage with “white space.”

This focused and deliberate process offers your listeners a clear view of your key insights. If you achieve this, then your words will be heard, felt, and acted on.

So, treat your next speech like a garden. Reveal the beautiful flowers in your talk by eliminating the unnecessary weeds. This approach isn’t about speaking less; it’s about impacting more.

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