Why Slide Image Placement Matters

Take a look at the images above.

Obviously, their layouts are reversed. Other than that, do you notice a difference?

Do you feel a difference?

Slide Structure Matters

In the world of presentations, we often talk about the importance of content and delivery. Audiences want to receive value, and they’d like the material delivered in an engaging fashion.

But, we don’t often talk about arrangement of our slides and other visuals. Did you know that images and text placement on your slides can significantly influence audience engagement and comprehension?

Recent research sheds light on this fascinating aspect.

The Left – Right Effect

According to Dr. John Molidor, our brains process visual information more efficiently when images are placed on the left side of a slide, and text is on the right.

This is because of the way our brains are “wired” (yes, that is a highly technical and overused term – but I’m not a brain researcher, I’m a layman).

With images on the left side, your brain feels more comfortable with the visual layout of the slide.

When I first heard about this insight, I was skeptical. It couldn’t be that big of a deal, right?

Wrong. Ever since that day, whenever I see a slide with images on the right side and text on the left, it feels uncomfortable, like something isn’t right.

Perspective On The Importance Of This Left-Right Effect

Because of Dr. Molidor, I’m constantly aware of this phenomenon. People in your audience won’t be. However, they will feel slightly uncomfortable when they see slides that aren’t arranged in a brain-friendly way.

This slide arrangement is not the be-all and end-all of an impactful presentation. But, it’s one of the many small details that, when combined, can transform your presentation. It can either be enjoyable and impactful, or irritating and forgettable.

It’s like a puzzle where each piece, no matter how small, contributes to the bigger picture. Put a few pieces in the wrong place, and it feels wrong.

The key to avoiding an ineffective outcome is to avoid creating minor annoying issues that pile up into a big negative feeling.

Instead, focus on refining these small elements to add up to a memorable presentation that deeply connects with your listeners.

Create A Visual Experience That Feels Right

The next time you’re crafting a presentation, experiment with this layout. Start with an impactful image on the left that captures your point. Then, complement it with concise, powerful text on the right.

Observe the difference it makes in your audience’s engagement.

Embrace these insights to create more effective, brain-friendly presentations!

What are your thoughts or experiences with this layout approach?


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