(This is the last post in our storytelling Brain CODE series. If you missed the post about the importance of creating stress in your story, you can read it by CLICKING HERE)

It’s good to create tension in your listener. It’s NOT OK to leave them feeling that way by the conclusion of your narrative.

A well-structured story builds stress that leads to the climactic moment. This is the point when the obstacle is overcome, the goal is reached, and the lesson is learned.

This relieves the tension created early in the story. When this occurs, there is a release of endorphins into the listener’s system.

Endorphins are well known to athletes. You may be familiar with the term “runner’s high.” They create positive feelings and happiness.

In storytelling, they also leave audiences with a sense of hope. This is one of the most valuable reasons to tell stories.

Often the people sitting in front of us are struggling with problems. They may have failed trying different methods on their own to solve them.

Your story of facing and overcoming a challenge like theirs may give them the hope they’ve been missing.

The release of endorphins triggers hope in your listeners. This is the greatest gift you can give them.

If you’ve read each of the posts in this short series, you now know how the Brain CODE works in storytelling.

The goal for this series wasn’t to make you a brain scientist. It was to make you aware of how your listeners are reacting to your presentations.

If you find you’re losing their attention or interest, tell them a relevant and relatable story. They can’t help but respond because it’s how their brains work.

Need to connect with a group?

Tell an emotional and sensory-rich story and you’ll do that. After all, it’s how they’re wired.


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