In the last tip, you read about including action in your foundational phrase. 

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Today’s insight is a slightly different twist. Ensure your phrase is results oriented. 


In my program, Sell More With Stories, there’s a clear result — if you tell stories in your business you’re going to sell more. 

One of my favorites from the corporate world is from Home Depot:

Home doers get more done. 

In thinking about your foundational phrase, consider what the ultimate benefit is to the audience. How will their lives improve? 

What is an end result that you can promise In your foundational phrase?

This idea is tied closely to action, but there are two different steps. The action leads to the result.

I did it with just four words in Sell More With Stories. 

You can do this, too. This is part of the whittling process. Bounce your ideas off others to get feedback from them to see how your phrase resonates. 

That is the third step in creating your foundations phrase, be results oriented.


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